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Uses of food...

-Food gives us energy.

-Food helps in growth,and repair of our bodies.

-Food keeps us healthy.

-Food helps our bodies function properly. 


-The food that we eat contains useful chemical subtances called Nutrients.

-Nutrients provide us with the energy and subtances that our bodies need to stay healthy.

-There are five main nutrients called:







-Carbohydrates are energy-giving nutrients.

-Layers of fats under the skin prevent heat loss,keeps us warm and protect our organs.

-Our bodies use them to produce the energy we need to keep warm and to function properly.

-Carbohydrates are found in fooods that come from plants,such as:



-Wheat Noodles 

-Cane sugar


-Fats are good sources of energy and provides more energy than carbohydrates.

-Layers of fats under the skin prevent heat loss,keep us warm and protect our organs

-Fats are found in foods that come from either plants or animals,such as:



-Olive oil

-Corn oil 

-Peanut oil


-Soya bean oil

What would happen if we include too much fatty foods in our diet ? Too much fatty foods can cause odesity which may lead to heart diseases.


-Our bodies need proteins for the growth,repair and maintenance of cells.

-A lack of proteins can lead to a deficiency disease called Kwashiorkor.

-Too much proteins can lead to obesity and loss of calsium from our bones.

-Proteins can be found in foods that come from either anomals or plants,such as:

-Meat,Milk and Cheese


When do our bodies use proteins as a source of energy?Our bodies use proteins as a source of energy when our carbohydrates or fat


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