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  • Required for Growth, Repair & Maintenance of body tissue.
  • Any excess protein can be used for energy.

            MEAT                           FISH                        PEAS                       BEANS


  • A Major source of energy.
  • Any excess Carbohydrates can be stored as fat and used for warmth (Insulating layer).

          CEREALS                   FRUIT                     MILK                    VEGETABLES


  • A concentrated source of energy for the body.
  • Excess fat is stored under the skin, providing an insulating layer.

       BUTTER                  MILK              CHEESE        SOME SALAD DRESSINGS

Vitamin A

  • Required for growth in children.
  • Asists good eye vision, particularly vision in dim light.

     LIVER                      BUTTER                  CHEESE                OILY FISH

Vitamin D




very good , quick notes :) 

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