Hobson's Choice - The Theme of Responsibility

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Nearly everyone in the play takes some form of responsibility.

Maggie takes on responsibility when she marries Willie, she took on responsibility because she had to make him marry her as only she saw his potential, she than had to run their shop as well of the rooms in the cellars, which would have been a step down socially. She taught Willie to read and write and took on responsibility to make him a better man - which she achieved. "Do you know what keeps this business on its legs? Two things: One's good boots you make that sell themselves, the others the bad boots other people make and I sell. We’re a pair. Will Mossop." Maggie also takes on responsibility when her mother died, she had to look after the shop, the house and their family. This was the custom in that era. Maggie also took on responsibility to get her sisters married, after they said that her marrying Willie had spoilt their chance. "my brains and your hands 'ull make a working partnership."

Henry Hobson abdicates responsibility to his daughters and spends most of his time at the Pub due to his ''uppish'' daughters. "I give and you take" This results in chronic alcoholism, and he has to give up drinking and taking responsibility for everything after he becomes a "sleeping partner" for Willie. When his daughters all leave, he finally realises how much responsibility he actually left to them. Hobson takes responsibility over his own life, he is depressed but resists the urge to drown himself or slit his throat. But after he hears what is wrong with him he loses responsibility of his life and tries to go back to the pub for another drink. But thankfully for him the doctor won't allow him to kill himself.

Vicky and Alice give up the responsibility places on them in having them to run the shop after Maggie went. This should never have happened as even…


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