Hobson's Choice

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  • Hobsons choice- no choice
  • End of play- hobson crushed man- his downfall led to through failing buisness casuing him to turn to alcohol- also 3 dadughters leave simultaneously, has no one to look after him.
  • Will mossop- arguable he doesnt have a choice in his engagment to Maggie- however end of the play he chooses to accept Maggie and buy her a proper ring etc.
  • In contrast to hobson who choices are detrimental, Will becomes master of his own destiny through his- social order reverse
  • Maggies choices- marry will, leave Hobsons, start buisness, manipulate situation of Hobsons fall to marry her sisters (who originally had 'no choice' in marriage while uner Hobsons control)
  • Her choices effect most of the events in the play
  • Alice and Vickey choose new ways of life, dont turn back by rescuing Hobson.
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Will Mossop

  • At the start a 'natural fool' lowest class, uneducated- however scope to improve
  • Its Maggies choice to improve him not his however also for her own benefit as ends up with secure future and position in society
  • Improves Hobsons buisness when he takes it over, improves Maggies ring

Alice and Vickey

  • Improve with marriage but their attitudes dont
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Connected to theme of Choice- love leads to various choices

  • Alice and Vickey seem to be marrying for money/ to escape Hobson rather than for love- opposite to Maggie and Will who come to love each other
  • May get these attitudes from Hobson who makes it clear he is grateful for his wifes death

Will & Maggie

  • Maggie choosing to marry Will is partly for his benefit- showing love and care
  • Its their way to prosper and escape Hobson
  • Shown at the end when Will kisses Maggie out of genuine affection
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  • Bully
  • Selfish- thinks only for his own destiny, not for his daughters. Happy for Maggie not to get married because she is asset to buisness
  • Remembers his wife only as useful for domestic duties, men seen as more powerful at the time.
  • Controlling, Maggie only one that stands up to him, partly becasue only one intelligent enough to do so.
  • Refuses to pay them a wage, outraged when Willie receives praise from Mrs Hepworth
  • BUT- does keep them well fed and dressed


  • Protective parent?, uses pregnancy as excuse for not looking after Hobson
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  • Hobsons downfall- Dr McFarlane point this out
  • Drunkeness tricks him into paying 'settlements'
  • Goes to Moonrakers to solve problems- sees it as 'refreshment'
  • End of the play- recognises his problem and accepts care

Brighouse uses alcohol to show the effect drinking can have on life, persuading reader.

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