Hobson's Choice Themes - Choice

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  • Choice
    • Maggie
      • Chooses to Marry Will
      • Chooses to set up the shop with a loan from Mrs. Hepworth and makes the business more successful than Hobson's.
      • Chooses to buy a brass wedding ring.
      • No choice: Will takes the power and glory at the end
    • Will
      • No choice: Forced to marry Maggie
      • No choice: Ada's mother forces him to get engaged to Ada.
      • Chooses to grow in confidence now he is rich, educated and has changed the way he looks on things
      • Chooses to stand up to Mr. Hobson now he has more confidence.
    • Hobson
      • Chooses to go to the Moonrakers and ends up with chronic alcoholism, loses business and independence.
      • Chooses to go to Maggie for help when he "falls" into trouble
        • No choice: Maggie tricks him into losing £500 and his daughters.
      • No choice: Is forced name the new combined business "Mossop and Hobson" and to take no part in running it.
      • Chooses to treat Will with violence and contempt because of his low social stats.
      • No choice: Is forced to follow the doctor's advice, practise abstinence and be looked after by Maggie
    • Alice+Vickey
      • Choose not to stay and help, allowing Will and Maggie to get the shop
      • Choose not to stay and help as Vickey is expecting and Alice's social status has raised and she doesn't want to lower it.
      • Choose not to stay, making Hobson disappointed - he gives the shop to Will and Maggie instead


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