History Weimar Germany

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Weimar Germany 

  • Until 1871 Germany had consisted of 22 states and the largest was Prussia.
  • By 1871 Prussia managed to bring the others under its control and created a German Empire.
  • Reichstag - Parliament
  • After 4 years of fighting Germany was exhausted, morale was low and the Kaiser Willhelm II was very unpopular. He had been the Kaiser since 1888.
  • A new government, The Weimar Government was created following defeat in war and abdication of the Kaiser. The government was created in 1919.
  • At first their were problems: hyperinflation and Hitler attempting to seize power.

Origns of the Weimar Republic

  • Kaiser abdicated, fled Germany and went to the Netherlands.
  • Councils were set up by workers to govern themselves
  • Elections were held - People were not used to democracy.
  • Due to the chaos in the capital Berlin, the new governement met in Weimar: 150 miles away from Berlin.

The Armistice 11 November 1918


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