History B Britain after WW2

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Impact on Britain Post WW2

Newcomers: Many people came to Britain during the Second World War for military purposes. Poles came over in 1939 to join the RAF and they were vital in winning the Battle of Britain. Commonwealth troops also came over in 1939 and POWs came to Britain throughout the war. White and Black (segregated) GIs from America came to the UK in 1942. They were the most influential people who came to Britain; they had a cultural interference and brought out swing and big band music, jitterbugging and many different food types such as doughnuts. They were based on "Rainbow Corner" in London.The British public described the GIs as "over-sexed, over-paid and over here." Many young British women married the GIs. The problem with the GIs was that the USA army were segregated and this extended into Britain. An example of this is that Ubs had white only days and black only days. Another example is the Captain of the West Indies cricket team who was also a prominent civil servant who was not allowed to stay at a…


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