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why were the mormons hate so much from the east?

  • joseph smith said an angle told him that their are gold plates buried in the mountians and said the person who found the gold plates would restore to the church of jesus in america.at this point people didnt belive what he said as he did not show the 'gold plates' to everyone, which gives a sense that joseph may of made  up the religion. 
  • it all started of with 5 followers, by 1830 had a few hundered followers.
  • he accused of being a 'fraud'
  • blasphemous-going against the bible.poeple were offended of the things he done. 
  • jealousy of the mormons  succsess- built homes, farms, temple, mill, banks
  • angry they were friendly to indians& that they wanted to free slaves
  • feared that they set up thier own secret police force
  • they got rich & soon outnumbered non-mormons (taking over)
  • bank collapsed &and many lost their savings so chased them out of town
  • attacked mormons & burned down their houses (missouri)
  • moved to nauvoo - set up very successful city
  • but smith introduced polygamy- a sin to others and angered some mormons


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