What was the impact of WWII in America?

How the second world war affected America.

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Everyone working in war factories, industries working through night. Had to work 18 to 24 hours a day. American factories turned out 4000 tanks and 4500 planes every month. Ships that used to take a year to assemble now only took 17 days. War bonds helped the economy by allowing the state to loan money off people. It also gave people the feeling of helping with the war effort.

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Japanese Americans

Japanese Americans were sent out of their homes to camps. Executive order 9066 - all Japanese people on the West Coast had to be removed from their homes. Americans were afraid that they would help with a Japanese invasion. They were taken to Wyoming. One of the greatest civil rights violations in all American history.

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Black Americans

Black Americans were still being treated as 2nd class citizens. American army divided into White battalions and Black battalions. When the American army came to Britain, the 2 battalions were camped together which led to violence. During the war, America was standing up to racism overseas so there was the beginnings of black civil rights.

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Encouraged people to give scrap for the war effort. TV stars were involved in persuading people to help the war effort, which many people were united in. Cinema given over to news reels showing victorious Americans, and portraying the enemy as evil. War movies became very popular.

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Women got jobs working in factories, because so many men were at war. Attitudes towards women working changed. A third of workforce were women by 1942. A lot of women became more sexualised.

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