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Overview of meaning: This poem describes Larkin's travel to Hull and he obserbs the journey and it's surroundings. It describes a world becomeing more industrialised. It shows our world for what it is and the product of our changing society. "fishy smelling"- fishing undustry, "slave museum"- slave trade- ships brought slaves to Hull. Talks about the cheapness of homogonised clothing and supermarkets. Abse more sentimental. Likes a life of solitude. The place seems to be run-down and impoverished but Larkin is not snobby. The poem explores the new world and it shows how we have become less agriculturally based. 

Themes: Time, changing world, place, isolation, consumerism, journeys

Structure: A, B, B, A, C, D, D, C  The restlessness (suggested by the run-on lines of the first three stanzas) and the tranquillity of the fourth.  The first sentence lasts over 24 lines, whereas the short sentence of “Here


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