Henry VIII and the Church

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The Church

Catholic Church

Indulgence= you pay for a piece of paper so when you die you go to heaven even if you have sinned

Relic= A piece of bone from an important religious person that people prayed to

Priest= A person who has the power to forgive you of your sins

Pope= Head of the Catholic church

Difference between C&P

C believed that the bible should be written in Latin as it's the tradition but P believe that the bible should be written in English so people can actually read it. C believed that you needed preists as they have a special link to God but P believe that you shouldn't need help to find God. C believe that the head of the Chruch should be the Pope as he has a direct link to God but P believe that Jesus is the head of the Church because he is the most important human being. C believe that the Church should be decorated to…


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