Henry VII

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  • Henry VII
    • Family
      • He had 4 children: Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII, Mary Tudor and Margret Tudor
      • He  was married to Elizabeth of York
      • His  parents were Elizabeth Beaufort and Edmund Tudor
      • Securing the Sucession
        • Had 8 children
        • He had very strong armies to protect the throne
        • To make sure there weren't as many threats from different countries, he married off his children to the royals of these countries
        • When his first son, Arthur, died he had a second son  Henry VIII
    • Church & Religion
      • He had a good name in church because his mother was close with the church.
      • He was very close with church
    • Defending  England
      • In 1489, he helped the Duke of Brittany who was being threatende by France. England sent an army to france and they made a truce between England and France and France agreed to give support to England and to give £500 a year
      • Explain the truce between England and Scotland in 1486
    • Keeping Law and Order
      • insted of fighting off the people he though shouldn't be king, he created better relationships with them
      • Instead of fighting of his enemies he used them to help him
      • After rebellions, he stopped rebellions
      • He made better legal systems
  • Explain the truce between England and Scotland in 1486


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