health and safety


There are various health problems associated with the regular use of computers. For this reason employers must be aware of the regulations surrounding computer health and safety.

Employer regulations

The law states that an employer must:

  • provide tiltable screens
  • provide anti-glare screen filters
  • provide adjustable chairs
  • provide foot supports
  • make sure lighting is suitable
  • make sure workstationsworkstationa computer connected to a network are not cramped
  • plan work at a computer so that there are frequent breaks
  • pay for appropriate eye and eyesight tests by an optician

Note: These regulations do not apply to students in schools or colleges.

In order to provide the satisfactory equipment for their employees, employers use ergonomics to assist the equipment design process. It is the science concerned with designing safe and comfortable working environments for humans. This includes furniture design and the design of parts of the computer like the keyboard and mouse.

General working environment

Don't forget that rules for all electrical appliances apply in a computer room. This means:

  • there should be no trailing wires
  • food and drink should not be placed near a machine
  • electrical sockets must not be overloaded
  • there must be adequate space around the machine
  • heating and ventilation…


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