hardware- output devices

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  • takes signals from a computer and displays it on the screen
  • size is measured diagnonally from corner to corner in inches. also come in different aspect ratios (width and height of a image depending on the capabilities of the monitor)
  • most monitors have a resolution of 128-x1024pixels. dot pitch tells you the distance between pixels- lower values give a sharper image
  • new computer systems use TFT(thin film transistor) and LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. these are thin, light and portable compared to  old CRT (cathode ray tube)
  • plasma screens give better picture quality especially for larger screens, making them suitible for specialist uses such as in hotels or gyms
  • LCD screens don't always give a good picture as CRT's and can be hard to view at some angles. LCD's can struggle with moving images making…


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