Gudjohnsson - False Confessions

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  • There have been 100 cases so far, of people falsely imprisoned.
  • This has been found out through later DNA analysis at the scene of a crime.
  • 20% admit they were falsely imprisoned.

Why do people falsely confess?

  • Individual characteristics
  • Covering someone due to threats
  • Know there's no way out, no alternative but to confess
  • To protect someone else
  • Volnerable and susceptable to pressure of interrogation

Corection: Using force / interrogation to get someone to do or think something.

Kassin and wrightsmans believe there's 3 distinct types of false confession:

  • Voluntary confession: Purposeful false confession
  • Coerced confession:




corection isnt a word.. i think its supposed to be coercion?

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