Gudjohnsson et al.

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  • Gudjohnsson et al (1990)
    • Aim: To document a case of false confession of a youth who was at the time distressed and susceptible to interrogative pressure
    • Case study of FC, a 17 yr old who was accused of 2 murders, robbery and sexual assault
      • Low population validity
    • No forensic evidence, in the first interview he was denied a solicitor
    • The questioning was leading and accusatory, police suggested he was sexually impotent
      • Ethics
    • After 14 hours of aggressive questioning without a break he confessed
    • He tretracted the confession the next day, only to confess again under pressure about his failure to have successful relationships with women
    • There were 3 further interviews
    • No evidence of mental illness, IQ of 94, 10 on suggestibility scale, stable extrovert
      • High reliability, quantitative data, social desirability, demand characteristics
    • 'Coerced compliant false confession', he gave in to pressure to escape the interview situation


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