GSCE History Treaty of Versailles

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Treaty of Versailles

January 1919

An impossible task for the big three to make a fair treaty for the victors of world war one and the defeated countries.

Big Three Motives

Woodrow Wilson

Wilson was very idealistic about keeping world peace and democracy. He wanted to base the Treaty of Versaille on his fourteen points which were principles he believed would create peace. It didnt work at the treaty as most nations were too focused on their problems.

Georges Clemenceau wanted to punish Germany for revenge of the destruction they caused to France and to punish them so harshly, they couldnt invade again. Also French publlic wanted Germany punished.

Lloyd George won the 1918 election in Britain by promising to 'squeeze the German lemon till the pips squeak'. However, at the Treaty he wanted a balance of punishment as British public wanted Germany punished bu George was wary of German resentment. He also concentrated on Britain getting complete naval power. He also didnt want to punish Germany too much as Britain traded with them and therefore didnt want them to be too weak.

Why did the victors not get eveything they wanted?




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