Growing Bacteria, which antibiotic is the best

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You will need :

  • a petri dish
  • agar jelly (sterile)
  • a Bunsen burner
  • Heatproof mat
  • Matches
  • glass spreader (sterile)
  • syringe (sterile) 
  • 80% alcohol cleaner
  • 100% ethanol spirit 
  • Pot of bacteria (culture medium)
  • an antiseptic or antibiotic

step 1

 put on a science lab coat that has been cleaned within the last 24 hours and clean your hands. clean surfaces with 80% alcohol cleaner and set up equipment.  Place a petri-dish at least 30cm away from the Bunsen burner. Place syringe (still in packet, unopened) next to a dish of 100% ethanol spirit. Keep pots of bacteria and antibiotic/antiseptic away from working station until they are needed. Place a beaker of 80% alcohol cleaner on the lab desk too, place the glass spreader and tweezers, handles up. Ensure all alcohol substances are away from the Bunsen burner. Turn Bunsen burner on and leave on yellow flame. 

step 2

Bring the pot of bacteria over to the work  bench, this will be glass. Keep the lid on. Take the syringe from its wrapper. Take off the lid of the jar and hover in the flame for 2 seconds - this is to get rid of any microbes on the outer layer of the container and it makes an up burst of heat which ensures no microbes can get in from the air (surrounding area, people or other contamination).Place the syringe in the jar and extract 0.1ml if culture medium. Put the jar nozzle back into the heat before putting the lid back on. Take lid off of the…


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