Graph and Map Skills and Statistical Skills

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Types of graphs:

-Line graphs       -Bar charts

-Pie charts         -Scatter graphs

-Atlas maps       -Sketch maps

Triangular Graphs

-Show percentages split into three categories.

-You have to find the point you want on graph, follow line that goes down and record percentage. Turn graph round so next axis is at bottom and do the same and then again for third axis.

-The three readings should add up to 100%.

Dispersion Diagrams:

-Cross between tally chart and bar chart.

-Range of data on one axis, frequency on the other.

-Each dots represnts one bit of info. More dots in one particular category means more frequently the event has occured.

Logarithmic Scales:

-Used when data range is large.

-Intervals do not go up in fixed amounts, instead the intervals get increasingly larger at the top end of the scale.

-Lets you fit a very wide range of data onto one axis.

Choropleth Maps:

-Show how something varies between different areas using colours or patterns.

Dot Maps:

-Show distribution and quantity using identical symbols.

-Use identical dots to show how something is distributed across an area.

-Use the key to find out what quantity each dot represents.

Proportional Symbol Maps:

-Use symbols of different sizes to represent different quantities.

-Key shows quantity each symbol represents. Bigger the symbol, larger the amount.

Flow Line Maps:



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