Graph and Map Skills

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  • Graph & Map Skills
    • Choropleth
      • Shows information using colours and patterns
        • Anomalies easily identified
        • Visually effective for quick judgments
        • Good visual impression of set time and place
        • False impression of abrupt change
        • Can be difficult to distinguish between shades
        • variations within each area are hidden
    • Dot Maps
      • Show distribution and quantity using identical symbols
        • Allows major features to stand out
        • Good visual representation distributions
        • Too many dots could merge
          • False interpretation
        • Areas are missed out if they don't conform to the scale
    • Isoline Maps
      • Show where conditions are the same
        • Data can be represented without artificial area boundaries
        • Difficult to construct
        • There may be some elect of guessing where lines placed
        • subjective
        • Useful for interpretation of general trends
    • Flow Line Maps
      • Show movement
        • Shows direction as well as volume
        • Give good visual impressions
        • Lacks precise interpretation unless statistical data added
    • Proportional  symbol maps
      • Uses symbols of different sizes
        • Ability to portray distribution of multiple phenomena
        • Easily interpreted
        • Easy to have  inaccurate perception
        • Hard to scale for all symbols to fit and not overlap
    • Field Sketches and Photos
      • Memory Tool
      • Accurate record of time and space
      • You can enhance labels and sketches
      • Poor weather conditions inhibit good shots
      • Sketches have to be scaled


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