Government and authority (new reign: personal monarchy in action)


Governement and authority 

The new reign: Personal monarchy in action 

New reign was marked by the introduction of three changes:
1)The removal of Empson and Dudley and abolitionment of the Counsel Learned of Law 
2)Marriage to Catherine of Aargon 
3)The declaration of war against France

Removal of Empson and Dudley and the abolitionment of the Counsel Learned of Law
HVII was precieved to have tyrannised members of the gentry and nobility and to have imposed financial penalities such as bonds and recognisances through the Counsel Learned in Law which was headed by Empson and Dudley.
HVIII rejected such punitive actions as unjust- the two enforcers (Empson/Dudley) were arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London

Tension betwee the king and his political nation was further defused during the first parliament with the abolitionment of the Counsel Learned in the Law.
King also set up the Oyer and Terminer across the country to hear grievances against the Late King's agents
These commissions uncovered only petty complaints and little evidence of any substained oppression;


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