Good & Evil- Buddhism

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Good and Evil- Buddhism:

What causes evil?
The Four Noble Truths explain suffering, (dukkha) and how we can reduce it. The four noble truths:

1. All life involves dukkha
2. The cause of dukkha is greed and craving
3. There is a way to get rid of dukkha
4. By following the eight fold path

Mara is the evil being in Buddhism who represents greed, craving and dukkha. In the story of the Buddha's enlightenment, Mara tries to tempt Siddhartha through various ways, which could have caused SUFFERING, but he was able to look past these temptations. Mara is sometimes blamed for causing suffering in Buddhism.

Kamma is also known to cause Dukkha in Buddhism. Kamma is the concept that all our actions have consequences, therefore if somebody makes unskilful action or choice, it may have a bad consequence, which CAUSES SUFFERING. "What goes around comes around" is a good saying to represent Kamma. 

How do Buddhists cope with suffering?

  • Buddhists will meditate on the temporary nature of dukkha to help them cope with suffering. 
  • They might Seek the help of the three refuges, these include:
    1) Sangha- The Buddhist community which may have individuals who can help with decision making, or have a better knowledge of the Tripikata ( Buddhist scriptures).


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Some detailed revision notes on good and evil from a Buddhist perspective.

Useful for any student who is studying GCSE RE that includes Buddhism.

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