Question 3, The Problem of Evil and Suffering, AQA B, Religious Studies Powerpoint GCSE

A powerpoint of the key points for AQA B, question 3- The problem of evil and suffering. Hope it helps :)

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Philosophy and Ethics
Stephanie Smith…read more

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The Problem of Evil and
Stephanie Smith…read more

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What is Evil and its Nature?
Man-made suffering
Usually deliberate
Happens because someone wants to harm
Examples- Rape, assault, murder etc
Impersonal force that tempts us
Personal being i.e. The Devil
A psychological phenomena (occurs due to
upbringing/ mental illness)…read more

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Types of Evil and Suffering
Two main types- natural and man-made
Natural disasters:
Earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, floods, tsunami
etc that cause...
Loss of property, loss of livelihood, challenges faith,
trauma etc
Evil human action:
War, murder, theft, rape and other crime…read more

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Problems of Evil and suffering
If God's omnipotent, omnibenevolent and
omniscient, then he should be able to stop the
suffering. However, He does not. SO either:
He's not omnibenevolent and He doesn't want
to stop all the suffering;
He's not omnipotent and can't stop the
suffering; or
He's not omniscient and doesn't know how to
stop the suffering
OR He doesn't exist…read more

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Origins of Suffering and
Responses to the Problem of Evil
Four Noble Truths:
1. We Dukkha (suffer) because we want things
2. To stop Dukkha, we need to stop craving
3. To stop craving things, we need to clear our
4. To clear our minds, we need to follow the
Eightfold Path:…read more

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