Golden Triangle

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3 Components of the Golden Triangle

  • Sponsorship
  • Media
  • Sport

What the Golden Triangle is / does / stands for

  • It is a mix of Sport, which uses Sponsorship, and both are promoted through the Media in various form. Such as TV, Newspapers and Social Media
  • The 3 all have a very strong relationship which makes Sport work well and all gain money due to one another
  • The concept has been adopted from the USA

Advantages for Sport

  • Helps promote sport - media promotes what is happening through a variety of forms
  • Creates more money for many sports - Such as better facilities and coaching then available
  • Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle - for all to see

Disadvantages for Sport

  • Deviance
    • Loss of Integrity for the sport
    • Football, for example, is shown on many different channels on TV. However, this means that many peoplecan't watch it as often. E.g. All of the Chmpions League and Europa League being on BT Sport
    • Costs a lot of money to extablish strong bonds and maintain media coverage and sponsorship deals
  • Certain sports dominate
    • Such as Football is shown more than most other sports
    • This is a disadvantage because other sports don't have the same opportunity to grow in  popularity. Also they don't have widespread media coverage, therefore they have little to no sponsors. This means such sports have small amounts of money coming in, in comparison to Football
  • Fame too much for some people
    • e.g. some Footballers who are young…


Swagasaurus Rex


This is super helpful; everything is there, laid out well and easy to read! Thank you so much!

There are a few grammatical errors here and there, but other than that it's great!

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