Global Challenges

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What is globalisation?

To with the many in which places and people are becoming ever more closely. The process by which people their cultures, money goods and information can be transferred between countries with few or no barriers.

What are the positive effects of globalisation?

·         Individuals in NICs enjoy significantly higher incomes and purchasing power parity than in the past

·         Consumers in the richer MEDCs have benefited hugely from the falling prices of almost all commodities and services

·         Better capacity to cope improves

·         Better connection through technology

What are the negative effects of globalisation?

·         Exploitation of workers in LEDCs

·         Environmental cost

·         The supposed jobs losses in MEDCs because of cheap of production elsewhere are an illusion. The main reason for job losses is mechanisation and rationalism.

·         Red meat demand

·         Cities in MEDCs that were based on manufacturing e.g. Sheffield have seen may job losses as companies outsource their business to less developed countries with lower wages.

·         Global gap between rich and poor is widening

·         Globalisation promotes a single global vision of consumerism at the expense of cultural variety and alternative world views

·         Clashes of cultures

·         Nation states that have not followed the path of integration into the world economy of instructive suffering from backwardness.

What are the aspects of globalisation?

Social - Technology, networks which allows people access to budget airlines such as EasyJet, social networking sites; twitter/Facebook.

Cultural – Bringing food to the country, different races and beliefs, more trade e.g. pizza.

Economic – different parts of technology made in different countries means cheaper production more profit and more trade.

Environmental – can change climate in countries, carbon footprints increase and diseases can be passed from country to country a lot quicker.

Political – (the most negative aspect) Korea, Wars and dictatorships.

Global Groupings

Global Grouping

Acronym meaning?

10 countries in it


Evidence of changes


Least Developed Countries

Gambia Haiti


Mozambique Ethiopia

Chad Maldives

Yemen Zambia Uganda

A low income criterion based on a 3 year average.

An economic vulnerability criterion involving a composite Economic Vulnerability Index.

Countries have now doubled in numbers.

Have taken policies and measure to improve the economic situation.


Newly Industrial Countries

South Africa Turkey Malaysia Brazil China India

Mexico Thailand Philippines Indonesia

Socioeconomic classification applied to several countries around the world by political scientists and economists.


Ex-Soviet States


Armenia Latvia Russia Georgia Lithuania Ukraine Estonia Belarus Azerbaijan Russia Moldova

Independent states that emerged from the Union of the Soviet Republics in December 1991



Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries




Iran Iraq

Kuwait Libya

Nigeria Qatar

Saudi Arabia

Mission is to co-ordinate the policies of the oil producing counties in order to secure a steady income to the member states and to secure the supply of oil to the consumers.



Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development



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