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Explain why the weimar was so named?

The Weimar was so named because of many reasons. They failed to end food shortages and also had a week constitution as due to proportional representation and a large number of parties no single party won the majority of vote and so this resulted in chaotic decisions. Another reason is that they were nicknamed the NOVEMBER CRIMINALS because they had signed the treaty of Versailles and the German people felt that the army had been stabbed in the back by the politicians. Finally they were also name people they became dependent on the army. They agreed with the army that they would support them providing that the army prevented a revolution from occurring and so this displayed that they were not capable of doing this themselves and so reduced their authority.

Explain why relying on the army was a problem for the Weimar government ?

it appeared to reduce their authority as it shows that they werenot capable of stopping a revolution themselves. Also it resulted in them to continue to be hated as they were already hated due to them not being able toprevent food shortages. It was a problem because it contributed to the problems of the Weimar including the fact that the politicians were given the nickname the November criminals for signing the treaty of Versailles. Therefore by them becoming dependent on the army resulted in people to hate them even more as the Weimar was an already weak constitution because they had a coalition government.

Explain why article 231 was hated by most germans?

article 231 was known as the war guilt clause and was hated because it meant that germany had accepted the blame for starting the war and that she was willing to pay for the damage that she had cause which was 6.6 billion pounds. This resulted in panic and contributed to hyperinflation./ however is was also hated because it contributed to the other problems due to the treaty of Versailles such as Germany lost 13 percent of its land and 48 percent iron production. It was also hated as it was compounded when Germany’s entrance to the league of nations was denied which made Germany a pariah.

Explain why reparations were such a problem for germany in the 1920s?

Reparations were such a problem for germany in the 1920s because it resulted in the banks to print out more money and so the reparations werenot being paid as the currency began to fall rapidly and so the French and Belgium signed the Ruhr in 1923 which put more pressure on Germany. Then when international confidence collapsed this resulted in inflation to become hyperinflation and so this was a problem as it put more stress on the German economy.

Explain why Stresemann was important in the 1920s?

Stresemann was important because he got rid of the old currency as it was worthless and introduced a new currency called Reichmark. He knew that germany couldnt possible pay


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