germany section 2 - rize of the nazis

powerpoint of notes and key dates about the rize of nazi germany

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Germany Section 2 ­ Rise of the Nazis
8th November 1923- Munich Beer Hall Putsch
January 1933- Hitler becomes Chancellor
27th February 1933- Reichstag Fire
23rd March 1933- Enabling Act passed
30th June 1934- Night of the Long Knives
2nd August 1934- Hitler becomes Fuhrer
Josef Goebells- Head of Propaganda
Ernst Rohm- Head of SA
Von Bruning, Von Papen and Von Schleicher- Chancellors
before Hitler…read more

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Weimar Government Unpopularity
· The President could take all power in an emergency
· Lots of different parties in Parliament- weak
· No decisions were made
· They signed the Treaty of Versailles that meant
Germany was blamed for WW1
Communism We hate non- Germans
We hate the rich Germans are superior

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(National Socialist
What did the Nazis believe? German Workers
1. Abolish the Treaty of Versailles ­ Jews signed it, land taken
from Germany
2. Crush Weimar Government ­ weak government, signed the
Treaty of Versailles
3. Dictatorship ­ strong government, government by one ruler, all
opposition crushed
4. The Master Race ­ Aryan, leaders of the human race, remain
separate from inferior races
5. Lebensraum (living space) ­ Nazi control all of Eastern Europe,
master race space to live, local people made slaves
6. Anti-Semitism ­ Nazis blamed the Jews for all of Germany's
problems, Jews were not German, Jews were inferior…read more

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The Munich Beer Hall Putsch
8th November 1923
o The Putsch was Hitler's attempt to overthrow the
Weimar Government.
o Hitler wanted to gain the help of Ritter von Kahr,
the most powerful man in Munich.
o Hitler forced Kahr at gun point
o Kahr didn't help Hitler and told the police about
his plans the next day
o Hitler was arrested and 16 Nazis were killed…read more

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Consequences of the Beer Hall Putsch- Hitler in Prison
Meinkamf " My Struggle"
- Huge publicity ( 24 days
In Prison he wrote a book
front page news) with his ideas
- Hitler's fame spread across EVERYONE WOULD KNOW
Germany- more support for
Conditions in prison + Change in tactics
- Furnished rooms, own No more violence
clothes, mail and visitors Gain votes of the German
- Released after 6 months ­ people
allowed to re-start the Nazi
Party…read more

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The Great Depression Reaction of Weimar Fear of Communism
Unemployment soared A new election was called in ( Get rid of rich)
Food shortages, strikes 1930 Rich helped Hitler as he
23 million Germans affected The Weimar Government hated communists
by unemployment couldn't agree to help the
Did not help the people
Role of Adolf
Nazi ideas and
Powerful speaker
Promised to help all
Spoke to
German citizens What made the Nazis thousands of
Reduce taxes
Restore Germany's
successful? Germans
Nazi Propaganda Election tactics
Newspapers Brown Shirts (SA) who beat up opponents
Films Disrupt meetings
Poster Campaigns Massive rallies- show power
Speeches…read more

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