Hitler's consolidation of power

How hItler became Fuhrer

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The rise of the nazis

  • In 1929, the American stock market crashed and soon the global economy was feeling the effects
  • Bankers and Businesses asked for their loan repayments from Germany, which sent the country into economic collapse
  • So the Nazis used this to campaign effectively, and in the July 1932 elections they won 230 seats, and became the largest party in Germany 
  • Hitler demanded to be chancellor, but Hidenburg didn't like him so appointed von Papen, who wanted a coalition but Hitler refused
  • Hitler called another election in November as he thought he could win but the thuggery of the SA lost them seats and hope seemed lost
  • However, General von Schleicher was appointed chancellor when he stopped supporting von Papen but he was a weak leader
  • Von Papen saw his opportunity and sided with Hitler to get back into power
  • Hidenburg had no alternative but to appoint Hitler as Chancellor when von Schleicher resigned
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The Reichstag fire

  • In order to become dictator from chancellor, Hitler called for another election in Febuary 1933 and he began campaigning like he had before, but with the state media and control of the streets
  • But on the 27th, the reichstag building burnt down
  • Hitler siezed this opportunity and blamed the communists, and forced President Hidenburg to use his emergency powers and ban the communists
  • In the elections in March, the Nazis got the most seats
  • Hitler then bullied the Reichstag into passing the enabling law, allowing him to do as he pleased
  • But he still wasn't safe, work had to be done
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The night of the long knives

  • In May, Hitler had banned trade unions and within a year most of his opponents were gone, but he was still suspicious
  • He feared the SA, and how Ernst Rohm talked of making it a 2nd army
  • He felt it was a badly diciplined force, and Rohm was now a rival
  • In the end, Hitler choose the army over the SA and on the weekend of the 29th/ 30th, the ** broke into the homes of the SA and arrested them
  • The were accused of trying to kill Hitler and 400 people were executed
  • Von Schleicher was also killed, and Hidenburg thaked Hitler, but the SA remained, rather subordinate to the **
  • Then soon after, Hidenburg died and Hitler became supreme leader of Germany
  • The entire army swore him an oath of personal loyalty to stay out of politics, serve Hitler in return for rearmament and conscription
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