Geography - Coasts Case studies

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Holderness Coastline-

Coastline is 61km it streches from Flambourgh head(a headland) to Spurn head(a Spit).

erosion causes about 1.8m of land is lost every year.

Main Reason for coastline retreat -

Easily eroded rock - cliff made of boulder clay, this is likely to slump when wet causing cliff to colapse.

Narrow beach, less beach to slow the waves movement, meaning the waves attack the coastline.

Man made structures - groynes can be built, but this resricts the the movement of material down the coast, meaning the beaches past the groynes will be more narrow.

Powerful waves - Holderness coast faces strong prevailing winds meaning strong winds and strong waves, thoos combined with narrow beaches increaes the rate of erosion.

Impacts on ppeoples


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