Describe the backwash and swash of a destructive wave

strong backwash but a weak swash 

Describe the backwash and swash of a constructive wave

weak backwash but a strong swash 

What are the key characteristics of a destructive wave?

responsible for coastal erosion = produce headlands, bays, caves, stacks,wave-cut platforms,  destroy beaches, found of steep beaches, break frequently: there are between 10-15 every minute, high in proportion to their length

What are the key characteristics of a constructive wave? 

responsible for deposition = they form beaches, bars and spits , usually found on gently sloping beaches, break infrequently at a rate of 10 or less per minute, long in relation to their height

Where do headlands and bays form (at what angle to the waves)?

at discordant coastlines 

What do bays encourage?

the deposition of material because they are quite sheltered 

Explain the cycle of a cliff as a sequence 

  • the waves erode away at the cliff, by hydraulic action creating a wave-cut notch (like a hole in the cliff)
  • overtime


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