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Theme 1 focused exam question

  1. Describe the fieldwork and research you would undertake in order to investigate why some urban areas are in need of rebranding. (January 2009)


Urban area= W12 (Shepards bush)

Aim; our aim was to investigate whether shepards bush needs rebranding, allwoing us to create profile of the area.

Method; we used statifed sampling method- chose the different locations that relfected W12),these areas included; shepards bush green/ shepards bush market/ bourbon lane/ westfeild.

primary research included-

1)Environmental qualitiy survey: allowed us to asses the area in terms of the quality of the biuldings, traffic,open spaces, general quality. This scoring system is useful as observations can be turned into qulitatative data, and can be more easily compared.

results showed that;

  • shepards bush market = -8


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