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Urban Area Problems

Congestion- London
Caused by increased car ownership, population growth, rural - urban migration.

Problems? More accidents, longer getting to places, more air and noise pollution, economic - building new roads is expensive.

Drivers now charged to drive into centre.
Barclays bike hire and bike lanes.
Extension of the underground.
Improved rail links.
Bus lanes and priority traffic lights.
Park and ride.

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London Docklands

Urban changes in land use

London docklands 1981

Trees planted, derelict land reclaimed, open space created.

22000 new homes built, shopping centres and sports centres built.

Docklands railway and roads built.

Undergrounds extended.

Businesses doubled.

Greenwich peninsula cleaned and O2 arena built.

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Population density

North America

In some areas it is highly concentrated, others sparsely.

Sparsely - mountainous - hard to build transport links or houses on.
Permafrost environment of the northlands makes life extremely difficult.

Densely populated - flat land which is easy to build on.
Close to a good supply of water.
Good natural resources, fertile land.
Good transport links, lots of jobs.
Good quality schools and hospitals.

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South Africa Lesotho

Over 20% affected

To reduce - they are stating every adult.

Door to door testing kits.

Deal made with drugs companies to lower prices.

Causes? Lack of education. Poor medical hygiene,

Impacts? High cost. Increase in dependancy ratio.

Solutions? Testing, encouraging no sex before marriage, educating.

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