Gender and Crime

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two main aspects:

  1. Issue of women and crime
  2. Male gender roles and crime

Invisable female offenders:

  • Heidenson - Four reasons for Malestream crime
  1. Majority of criminals are male and therefore are the most appropoiate to study
  2. Sociological terms reflect the male gender so it is eaiser to use them and contrast
  3. Sociologist are mainly men and they want to study what interest them
  4. Sociological theorizing is 'gender blind'

Explaining female crimes:

  • Relationship between women and offending
  1. Biological explanation:

Women are naturally nurturing and caring

Dalton: Women suffer from hormones, and therefore can cause them to act in certain ways leading to crime

       2.  Sex-role theory:

  • "Core elements of the female role that limit their ability and oportunity to do so"

Parsons: Women are naturally nurturing and caring as they have the child bareing process

Farrington and painter: Many female offenders have a 'harsh' upbringing and therefore take it out in later life through…


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