English Language GCSE Exam Section A

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English Language - Section A: Understanding non-fiction texts

Question 1:

  • Explain what you learn/understand from Source 1
  • Refers to source 1 only, tests ability to retrieve information and ideas
  • Suggested time of 15 minutes (8 marks)

  • Read the text carefully and highlight whilst reading
  • In question 1 you need to 'infer' and 'read between the lines' 
  • Remember to use discourse markers
  • Don't copy big chunks from the text use your own words
  • Don't comment on language (do that in question 4)
  • Explain in detail each quote you use, how do they supprt the issues raised in the article?

Use the format: P-Q-I (point, quote to support, interpretation)

Band 4 criteria:

  • Offers evidence that the text is fully understood
  • Shows a detailed enagagement with the text
  • Makes perceptive connections and comments about the issues raised in the text
  • Offers appropriate quotations or references to support understanding

Question 2:

  • Comment on the effectiveness of the headline, sub-headline & picture & link them to the text 
  • Refer to source 2 only, tests ability to understand and interpret presentational features such as the headline, sub-headline, pictures, and captions 
  • Suggested time of 15 minutes (8 marks)

  • Ensure your comments are specific to source 2, not a general comment about the headline or image such as it's 'eye-catching' or 'it stands out'
  • Look closely at the detail in the pictures and images
  • Comment on the meanings and effects of words
  • Think about the colours used
  • Always link comments about the presentational


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