Origins of the universe

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  • Physics Origins of the universe
    • Red-shift
      • Evidence for a generally expanding universe.
      • The further from us a star is, the more its light is red-shifted.
        • Distant galaxies are moving away from us.
          • The further away a galaxy is, the faster it's moving away.
    • Doppler effect
      • When a source moves towards an observer, the observed wavelength decreases and the frequency increases.
      • When a source moves away from an observer, the observed wavelength increases and the frequency decreases.
    • The Big Bang Theory
      • 13.7 billion years ago
      • All matter in the universe was concentrated into a single incredibly tiny point
        • Enlarged rapidly in a hot explosion
    • CMBR
      • Heat left over from the Big Bang
      • There are microwaves coming from every direction in space.
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