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Freud's argument is that religion is an illusion based on human wishes. It is created by the mind to help us overcome; inner psychological conflict, stress stemming from the structure in society and fear of the dangers of the natural world.

  • In certain circumstances, the human mind will create beliefs and images to satisdy its most basic longings and desires. This is the idea know as "Wish fulfilment"
  • When Freud talked about "Illusion" but he did not mean that religion is false or that there is no God, but that is answers the inner needs of the person.
  • Freud's theory demonstrated his view of the psychological purpose of religion.

Religion as an aid to overcome inner psychological conflict forms the main body of Freud's work on religion. Here's a summary;

  • Religion is a form of neurotic illness
  • It stems from the unconscious mind
  • It results from incomplete repressed traumatic memories
  • The trauma is invariably sexual in nature
  • Therefore religion is an illusion resulting from sexual difficulties

In other words Freud believed that the minds solution to such trauma results in humans locking it…


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