frankenstein quotes

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the role of women

  • "her hair was the brightest living gold"
  • "crown of distinction"
  • "heaven sent"
  • "celestial stamp"
  • "child fairer than a pictured cherub"
  • "saintly soul of elizabeth shone like a shrine dedicated lamp" sibilance to emphasise
  • "the guardian angel of my life"
  • "his daughter attended him" women weak/slaves
  • "he strove to shelter her as the fair exotic is sheltered by the gardener" women are vulnerable-gardener grows flowers-women are flowers... pretty but usless unless for the pleasure to look at, powerless. irony: frank judges everything by how it looks
  • his parents are a "silken cord" mother is delicate? comodity
  • elizabeth was a weak child but beautiful and frank's father moulded her-women controlled by men
  • "i have a pretty present for…


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