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Ben Green

Frankenstein Quotes for Exam


`I became dizzy with the immensity of the prospect'

Victor said this while creating the creature just before it was completed and came to life ­ V1 CHPT 4

This quote is important because it highlights Victor's overriding desire for glory and…

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Ben Green

`I, the true murderer, felt the never dying worm alive in my bosom'

This quote is Victor's first realisation of guilt after Justine's unfair sentencing. ­ V1 CHPT 8

It is an important quote because this is the first time Victor realises and opens up to what he…

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Ben Green

This quote despite its very simplistic appearance emphasizes how Victor has been totally blinded and overrun by his
endeavours for success scientifically. The fact that the `leaf' which is natural startles him is because he is so
immersed within the supernatural and as a result he had become…


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