Key quotes Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (explained)

Some detailed notes on the most vital quotes for the exam.. WOULD HIGHLY ADVISE !!

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Frankenstein Quotes for Exam
`I became dizzy with the immensity of the prospect'
Victor said this while creating the creature just before it was completed and came to life ­ V1 CHPT 4
This quote is important because it highlights Victor's overriding desire for glory and fame, which is the perfect
example of what, drives him to create the monster and the fact he was blinded of the consequences of his actions by
his motives to create new life. Also can be closely linked to Walton's very own desire for success:
`Success shall crown my endeavours'
Walton's thought and is closely linked to Victor's same desire, foreboding of what is to come? ­ Letter 3
`The beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart'
Victor's statement shortly after creating the monster and he realises what he was hoping for wasn't to be and an ugly
realisation occurs' ­ V1 CHPT 5
This quote is important because it is the moment where Victor changes his mindset and realises what he has actually
done, however he does view the `wretch' which he has created only on external opinions and from this moment is
incredibly judgemental on the creature without getting to know him, perhaps could be argued from this moment the
creature was biased against and treated unfairly, also a really good example of Victor's selfishness.
`The first misfortune of my life occurred ­ an omen, as it were, of my future misery'
Victor states this when explaining about Elizabeth's scarlet fever which he has found out about as at the age of 17,
he leaves to go to Ingolstadt University. ­ V1 CHPT 3
This quote is a perfect example of foreboding, and an important and poignant example of informing the readers of
the tragedies to come because at this stage in the novel everything seems good, with Victor leading a normal family
life, and this is a vital quote because it's the first insight into things elusive at this stage in the novel perhaps going
`Thunder ceased but the rain still continued'
Victor describes weather when returning to Fathers home. ­ V1 CHPT 7
This quote is good in highlighting Shelley's employment of pathetic Fallacy to reflect moods and perhaps her
influence of the Gothic period culminating at the time of the novels conception. The thunder changing to rain
highlights Victor's anger at Monster, preceded by sadness of events when he leaves.

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`I, the true murderer, felt the never dying worm alive in my bosom'
This quote is Victor's first realisation of guilt after Justine's unfair sentencing. ­ V1 CHPT 8
It is an important quote because this is the first time Victor realises and opens up to what he has done and begins to
accept the responsibility for his actions.…read more

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Ben Green
This quote despite its very simplistic appearance emphasizes how Victor has been totally blinded and overrun by his
endeavours for success scientifically. The fact that the `leaf' which is natural startles him is because he is so
immersed within the supernatural and as a result he had become nervous to `the most painful degree'.
`His eyes have generally an expression of wildness, and even madness, but there are moment when...his whole
countenance is lighted up'
Walton describing Frankenstein in letter V.…read more


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