frankenstein quotes

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Power of nature and landscape reflecting moods of characters

  • "the phenomena of the heavenly bodies undoubtedly are in those undiscovered solitudes"-creates the link between heaven and god
  • "surrounded by ice"
  • "shut in... by ice"
  • "solitary chamber"
  • "cell" "vault"
  • creation is "like a hurricane"-ie destructive
  • "most beautiful season" "blossom" turns to "leaves... had withered"-divintity of nature warning against the exploitation of science
  • "dreary night in november"
  • "young buds shooting forth from trees" "divine spring"-nature reminding frank of its power
  • "dusk" "night fell" "warm and serene""damp" -just before william's death... gothic creates suspense
  • "black sides of Jura, bright summit of mt blanc"- contrast shows power of nature and demonstrates extremities. omnipotent.
  • "sky was serene"-contrasts vic's mood
  • "storm appeared to approach rapidly"-pathetic falacy
  • "lightning" gothic
  • "vivid flashes of


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