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Types of Farming:

- Intensive Farming

- Organic Farming

- Hydroponics

- Biological Control


  • Used because of the demand of more food by the growing population
  • Chemicals and fertilizers are used 
  • Pesticides, insectides, fungicides, and herbicides are used 
  • Machinery is used
  • Fast and effective
  • Produce a higher yield of food at a lower cost
  • Animals are kept at controlled conditions (temperature/movement). This raises immoral and ethical issues.
  • It is used to produce as much food as possible from available land, plants and animals. 
  • Pests, insects and weeds are killed of by chemicals because they reduce the intake of water and nutrients for the farming plants , and therefore are in competition with the yield. 


  • Used because of the growing concern for the environment and animals
  • Minimizes impact on environment
  • Maintains the welfare of animals and plants
  • Ensuring good quality food

Methods of Organic Farming: 

  • Avoid chemical pesticides
  • Varying seed planting times to avoid pests
  • Animal manure/compost is used instead of chemical pesticides
  • Rotating crops to maintain soil fertility 
  • Growing nitrogen-fixing crops (peas) to trap nitrogen 


  • Food is not contaminated with artificial fertilizers
  • Livestock live a more natural life
  • Soil fertility is maintained
  • Biodiversity is promoted


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Good revision notes on the subject of 'Types of Farming'. Also gives advantages and disadvantages for each method listed.