Facial Expression&Body Language

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7 facial expressions are recognised in all societies this probably means they are inherited



aim:To look at the relationship between facial expressions and hemispheres of the brain.

Method:Pictures of peoples faces showing different emotions were cut down the middle. New pictures were created with each half face and its mirror image.Then each pair of new faces was shown to participents. They were asked which picture they liked better.

Results:The majority of participents said they preferred the picture of the left half face and its reflection. When asked why they said the person looked warmer

Conclusion:The left side of the face seems to express emotion much more than the right side.

Evaluation: still pictures are artificial we dont usuall stare at pictures to judge peoples emotions

Practical Implication:if facial expression is inherited, this means that it happend instinctivley and it is more likely to be truthful. it helps us to understand why we prefer certain picture profiles of ourselves rather than others. we prefer to show our warm side

Body Language:)

body language- a general term to describe acts


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