Explanation of the formation of landforms typical of Coastllines of SUBMERGENCE

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I did one of these for features of Emergence after doing badley in a practice paper question and though i better do one as well for submergence

Sea Level change relative to the land can result in the formatopn of landforms of submergence. One way the sea level changes in due to Eustatic reajustment. This is the global changing of sea levels due to global warming or cooling. It is global warming that results in landforms of submergence.

Another way is due to Isostatic reajustment. This is the raising or sinking of the land due to the movement of ice upon it. The cooling of ice and sinking of the land to rise resulting in submergent features.

With The raising of sea levels new features are formed.
One featured formed is a RIa. A ria is a drowned…


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