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Coasts: AQA Geography
AS LEVEL…read more

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Coastal System
Coasts are considered an example of an open system
as they have inputs and outputs.
Inputs Outputs Processes
-Energy is inputted in the -Erosion -Landforms
form of waves, wind -Transportation -Sediment
currents and tides. -Deposition -The shape and position of
-These will vary spatially -Longshore drift the coastline.
and temporally. -Biological activity
-Sediment from other -Wind transport
eroded coastlines, rivers and
sub-aerial processes will be
deposited along coasts.
-Human activity will provide
inputs for coastal systems.…read more

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backswash. Strong
5-8 waves
per min.
Constructive 11-16
Waves waves per
Build up min.
beaches. Waves
Strong Removes
swash. sediment
Weak from
High beaches.
frequency.…read more

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Sediment Sources and Cells:
The processes of erosion, transportation and deposition within the coastal margin is
largely contained within sediment cells.
There is thought to be 11 large sediment cells in England and Wales as shown in the
A sediment cell is generally thought to be a closed system, which suggests that no
sediment is transferred from one cell to another.
The boundaries of sediment cells are determined by the landscape and shape of the
Large features, like the headlands, act as huge
natural barriers that prevent the transfer of
In reality however, it is unlikely that sediment
cells are fully closed.
With variations in wind direction, and tidal currents
it is inevitable that some sediment is transferred
between cells.
There are also many sub-cells of a smaller scale existing
within the major cells.…read more

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Sediment Sources:
Sediment Sources:
1. River sediment.
2. Sediment from cliffs that have eroded or suffered
3. Sediment that has been transported by waves from
offshore (out at sea).…read more

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