Explain what Kant means by 'summum bonum' (25)

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  • deontological
  • absolute


  • innate moral duty
  • existence of conscience & feelings of guilt/shame tell us when we violate this moral duty
  • moral duty revealed to us through reason
  • act morally is to perform one's duty & one's duty is to obey the innate moral laws
  • constantly in battle with our inclination- ignore feelings
  • ought implies can
  • we are all aiming to reach supreme good (Summum bonum)
  • immortal soul can reach summum bonum
  • God is necessary for morality


  • Kant noted that if we do our duty we must be able to be rewarded for our actions
  • the place where our happiness and virtue (good actions through doing our duty) come together
  • can't be found on earth- we see bad things happen to gd ppl  and…


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