examine the key ideas of the natural moral law (18marks)

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examine the key ideas of the natural moral law (18marks)

NaItural moral law is the rational understanding and following of Gods plan for humaninty. Cicero defined it as "one eternal and unchangeable law". It can be classed as a deontological ethical theory, because Aquinas belived that acts are intrisiclly good or bad. It can also be classed as absolutist moral theory, as it applies for everyone in the same way. Aquinas was influenced by Aristotle, who belived that there is a final end/telos for humanity and that reason allows us to discover laws that lead to human flourishing. He was also influenced by stoics who belived that natural law in unchangable and that acts that are within the divine purpose are good.

Natural moral law was established by Aquinas in 'Summa Theologica'. Aristotle had similar views to Aristotle as they both belived in an end/telos for humanity. However for Aquinas this 'telos' was not eudaimonia. He argued that in order to understand our…


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