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'Our reliance on technology and infrastructure'

In society we rely heavily on technology due to all the gadgets that has come out over the years. We also rely too heavily on our comforts and infrastructure, so what happens when this is threatened?

In Cloverfield they have a new amount of technology due to it being made in 2008, so when the monster attacks, instead of finding out by going outside what is going on they watch the TV and find out on the news. This shows how times have changed and how people now find everything out through technology. Also not long after the news report the electricity is cut and they are all forced to go onto the roof to see with their own eyes what is happening. Hud is also told to film messages for Rob leaving but he continues to film throughout which gives us the feeling we are there with them. So the whole event is documented on the camera and Hud hopes that someone will find it to show them the event, rather than it being based on personal stories told. The monster destroys the Statue of Liberty which is an American icon that is destroyed. The monster is destroying their infrastructure to make them live in fear.

In The Thing Windows is in charge of connecting the outside world and due to the film being made in 1982 technology was new thing and radio connection isn't all thought out. He is relying on technology to…


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