Films consumption and the Internet

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  • Rather than having to deliever expensive prints of film to each individual cinema, companies can senf digital files instead. E.g: The Da Vinic Code, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sixth and Mission Impossible III
  • The new Star Trek was released on the same day globally digitally, alongside 35mm prints for cinemas
  • Marketing - All new films now have a web presence with allocated sites.E.g: offers the latest news, videos, merchandise, downloads= "Word of Mouth" about the film and usually increases the possibility that an audience will want to see it. A successful example is the "Blair Witch Project" the film gave the impression this was real, actual "found footage." The filmmakers and Artisan Entertainment supported that by building a website that backed this claim; they also circulated the rumors via online message boards. The film terrified audiences all the more when, in the back of their heads, they thought it might just be real.
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  • Broadband speeds have increased to the extent to that now full length films can be downloaded in a few hours from both legal and Illegal sites. e.g: Slumdog Millionaire was available on peer to peer sites several months before it's release. 
  • Many UK businesses now offer DVD rental services. For a monthly fee, you can rent a number of DVD's which are then sent through the post. The well-known ones are LOVEFILM with 11 million subscribers and also similar services such as Amazon, Tesco which have an inventory of about 30,000 films 
  • Furthermore the internet opens up the possibilites of participation in fan sites and fan culture. E.g: One can discuss your favourite films online on forums such as, purchase rare DVDS on Ebay or even shoot your own fan footaae and upload it via film sharing sites
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