Evaluation of the MSM

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Supporting MSM

Murdock (1962)

  • Presented participants with a list of words to be recalled in any order
  • Words at the beginning and end were recalled better than those in the middle
  • This is the serial position effect
  • Words at the beginning of the list are recalled because they've been constantly rehearsed and transfered to LTM (primacy effect)
  • Words at the end of the list are recalled as they are still in STM (recency effect)
  • Supports the idea of separate STM and LTM

Glanzer and Cunitz (1966)

  • Introduced an interference task in the form of participant counting back in 3's for 10 secs at the end of the list and before recall to eliminate recency effect
  • Recall was good of earlier items which had been rehearsed and were in LTM 


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