Evaluation of Bowlby's attachment theory

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Evaluation of Bowlby's attachment theory:

+ Lots of studies to support including his own. Harlow and Zimmerman who conducted a study with Rhesus monkeys which can be heavily generalised to humans as we share 93% of our genes with them.

+ Bowlby's theory is thorough as it explains both how and why we form attachments. Also explains the consequences if no attachment is formed- it hunders cognitive deveopment


+Bowlby's theory changed people's attitudes about the value of early maternal infant interactions which can teach people to be better parents

+ Bowlby changed the way children are cared for in hospital as no longer are they left on their own or not accompanied by one or both parents throughout the hospital stay.

- Rutter (1972) wrote




brilliant notes, really useful for my IB exams as i have to answer essays on Developmental psychology and have studied bowlby



Not quite what I was looking for. Great notes maybe going into too much detail on parts which are not so important.