epithelial tissue unit 1


sqaumous epithelial tissue

loaction- lines the organs and surfaces

function- one cell thick , form thin layers - idea for rapid diffusion

eg alveoli in the lungs- rapid diffusion of oxygen

damged caused by smoking- irritates, cuases infalmationand scarring, alveoli walls become thicker due to scarring and produce more mucus, the damge to air sacs causes emphasymia and lungs loos there elasticity

columar epithelial tissue-

location- line the trachea in the respiritory system, collum shaped cillated cells with hair like structures called celia covering the exposed cell surface

function- to protect the lungs from infection by sweping away pathogens and secreting mucus to help trap pathogens.

how lungs are protected- they secrete mucus to help trap any unwanted particales that are present in the air that you breathe, prevents bacteria to reaching the alveoli

endothelial tissue-



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